Confluence Collaborative Art Project

Gary A. Bibb - - - Carlene Frances

7(7 + 7) + 2 = 100 works of art


The Confluence Collaborative Art Project

Confluence - The convergence of two distinct artistic streams with the intent of formulating a singular statement about the process of art-making.

There were two primary objectives of this collaborative project. The first was to help each individual artist access and activate their subconscious well-spring of creative possibilities; and the second was to utilize the motivational energy exchanged by the artists to strive for excellence in technical execution along with the pursuit of clarity in their artistic vision. Furthermore, the long-term goal of this creative experience is to awaken, transform and propel the artists forward on their personal journeys of exploration and discovery.

We, the artists, agreed to undertake the challenge of creating a substantial series of small artworks exploring both the nature of artistic problem-solving and the relational synergy formed by mutual inspiration. In order to facilitate this endeavor, narrow our focus and provide continuity to the project, certain parameters were established:

1) The artists would work independently.

2) A sum total of 100 pieces would be created.

3) 4" x 6" sheets of paper, employing a vertical orientation, would be used for each individual piece.

4) Spontaneous resolution utilizing a personal artistic vocabulary (with minimal revision) was encouraged. The artists would strive to limit the time involved with each piece to 10 - 20 minutes.

5) The color palette would be reduced to white, gray, black, blue-green and red; with Gary using blue-green as a possible dominate hue and Carlene employing red. Lines, or other applications, of the secondary colors could be used to enhance the work.

6) Any media, or combination thereof, could be used.

7) Gary would be responsible for creating 49 odd-numbered pieces, with Carlene contributing 49 even-numbered ones. The artworks would be created and numbered in chronological sequence.

8) The two remaining pieces would be collaborations, whereby, Carlene would begin #99 then Gary would complete; and Gary would begin #100 with Carlene completing the final piece.

9) An exhibition of the entire project would be presented at Space Gallery - Denver, CO.

10) A dedicated website: bibbandfrancesart.blogspot.com would be established to provide a permanent virtual archive, along with documentation of the Space Gallery exhibition and the creation of a Confluence collector's log.

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